It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career.

Your Life at Doctor Pumps

Our most valuable asset is our trained and seasoned workforce. For more than three decades, the knowledge and expertise of our employees have been critical in cementing our position as one of the most trusted brands in fluid management technology. Our employees are a formidable force to be reckoned with because of their inventive capabilities and relentless eagerness to stay one step ahead of the competition. Finally, our workforce is our natural strength that brings the Doctor Pumps family together.

Come be a member of this distinguished family to honour the wings of a bright future and job advancement. Join the skilled and ever-enthusiastic FEPL team to become a member of the prestigious league you've always wanted to be a part of. Discover how a helpful and professional work environment may make a difference in your life. More significantly, come be a part of a well-balanced business culture where your efforts and abilities are constantly respected and appropriately rewarded.

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    Company Infrastructure

    State of the art infrastructure, with ergonomic assembly line, bright and well ventilated work space, well equipped chambers for office staff, beautiful garden, in-house Canteen and a Temple that brings a positive work environment.

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    Great Co-Workers

    We believe in Teamwork and so we encourage Mutual Respect and Helping Hand in all our employees which strengthens Communication and Team Spirit leading to a successful and motivated team.

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    Easy Location

    The Factory and Head Office is located directly outside National Highway no 27, 24 kms from Rajkot city.

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    Education Opportunities

    Trainings are a integral part of our culture and we encourage participation of our employees in internal as well as external Trainings, Seminars, Factory Visits, etc.

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    Lunch & Snacks

    "A healthy and happy employee keeps the company healthy and growing.” We truly believe in wellbeing of our employees so we serve tasty homely food for Lunch and Dinner at our modern and hygienic Canteen.

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    Appreciation & Rewards

    We always believe in pushing the limits and getting the best possible results and for that we recognise, appreciate as well as reward our employees which helps them grow more!

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